"Judge Savelyeva"
The official page of the short film directed by Anna Kapustina
Film Description
"The life and work of Joseph Brodsky" are not just words in a dissertation for the hero of this film. The subject of his research becomes everything he lives. Experiencing someone else's fate, albeit that of a genius, leads the professor to madness. Brodsky's memories of the asylum, the courts, and prison begin to take shape, smells, and even Judge Savelieva's voice. They cut off his oxygen, first in his dreams and then in reality. And who "him" - Brodsky or the professor - in the film it is impossible to distinguish.

Insanity is not the only line of this film. It is also a love story. The woman who loves him is trying to get him out of this state - will she succeed?
Film participant of the 2011 Art Cinema Film Festival.
The premiere screening was held at the World of Art Cinema, Moscow
Film actors
  • Emilia Savelieva
  • Roman Palilionis
  • Evgeny Gerchakov
  • Evgeny Yermakov
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