Welcome to Anna Kapustina's Art Lab
Anna Kapustina
I'm an artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

- 2024 Pebbypack Honey Adult label Design Contest,1st place winner.


- NYLAAT/PTM CONTEMPORARY, Governors Island, New York City, 2023.
- Mazzapalooza, Rock City Dogs, Bay Shore, New York City, 2023.
- PimComedy Fashion Show, Actors Temple Theatre, New York City, 2023.
- Studio Thirtythree, New York City, 2022.


- Workshop with Michal Jasiewicz "Capturing Snow in Watercolor". Artefacto school.
- Watercolor marathon "Sunny Vacations" with Elena Vlasova. Sobaka-Risovalka.

- Author Alexander Votsmush's course "Watercolor Postcards", Artefacto school.
- Lecture by Sergey Usik "Becoming a true artist", Artefacto school.
- Thomas Schaller's "Winter in Central Park" workshop, Artefacto school.
- Galina Shipunova's workshop "Drawing a New Year's card", Artefacto school.
- Sea Watercolor Marathon with Natalia Nesterova. Sobaka-Risovalka.
- Summer Drawing Marathon with Peter Christoff (SVA), 2023.
- Introduction to Calligraphy & Illumination workshop whith Cheryl Tefft.
- Daredoodles with Tom Motley.
- Geometry of pattern by Ko Dug Ho, Ko Art Studio Foundation, Brooklyn, New York.
- Konstantin Sterhov's online watercolor lessons, Artefacto school.
- Modern Art Moves online workshop with Joyce Raimondo.
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  • October 5, 2024 - 2024 PEC's Fall Festival and Arts & Crafts Show
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