Wedding Love Story in New York
My name is Anna Kapustina
professional photography, top-notch photo editing and retouching

My skills allow me to form a unique perspective on wedding photography.

The most important event in life you want to leave in the memory most vividly. I know how difficult it is to find "your photographer"... I hope you will find your photographer in me.

I am more attracted to photo walks with newlyweds rather than mass weddings because I can focus my camera on details, poses, feelings of lovers.

I appreciate the naturalness of your demeanor in the shoot, help you pose and find unusual angles.

You are lucky, because I professionally retouch the photo by means of frequency decomposition of photo layers, so the shadows won't create defects on your skin and sharpness will be preserved. For color correction you can tell me the style and colors you like, with this in mind I make the final color decision myself.

I can't wait to create beautiful shots of couples in love!

Gallery of examples of my work

Here are specially selected photos from one wedding, so you can see the story as it develops.
Choose Your Set
Basic set

minimum 2 hours
  • 10 photos in detailed retouching and color
  • another 50 photos in color
Advanced set

minimum 2 hours
  • 15 photos in detailed retouching and color correction
  • another 70 photos in color correction.
Premium set
minimum 2 hours
  • - Detailed preparation for the photo shoot: selection and purchase of props

  • - Development of the scenario of the photo session

  • - Selection of the color solution of the photo session

  • - 35 photos in detailed retouching and color correction

  • - 100 photos in color correction
  • - 1 photo album cover with names of the newlyweds and wedding date
No matter which package you choose, you will get:
The possibility of a better choice
choose from a gallery of thumbnail photos you like for final retouching and color correction
Extra options at the best price
Order more than the package includes photos for editing at a price of:
$5 - color correction
$10 - detailed retouching
$25 photo collage
Free Souvenir Design
If you want I will create free photo souvenirs based on your wedding photo, which you can order through my partners' web.
Text me to ask questions or to book your wedding shoot!
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