Welcome to Anna Kapustina's Art Lab
Anna Kapustina
artist, photographer, filmmaker
I am a New York-based artist.
I went to art school and have a degree in journalism in Russia.
I graduated from the Art Cinema School in Moscow.

My field of work is paintings, photography, and documentary film.

Exhibitions, trainings and marathons

- Studio Thirtythree, New York
- Summer Drawing Marathon with Peter Christoff (SVA), New York

Acrylic paintings for sale
Color and watercolor Pencil
Artwork created at the summer online drawing marathon with Peter Hristoff at SVA, New York
Artwork created in the Madison Square Park with Elise Engler (SVA), New York
pastel, watercolor
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Build NFT-collection of my art with AI
Order my art via Itsy
Clay figurines
Acrylic Paintings
Custom pet portrait
My art prints sale pages
Inspirational weekender tote bags based on my prints
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Feel free to contact me
Anna Kapustina

Email: sansaranna@gmail.com
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